The 1964 Dodge D-100 joined the Cherry Bomb family when we spotted this rod in a barn down in Georgia for just $300. After cleaning out all the dirt and nests we knew we could turn this truck into the ultimate hot rod. We dropped a Mopar 526 Hemi 650 hp engine with a Tremec T-56 Viper transmission. The drivetrain was installed by Matt Delaney of Delaney Automotive and a vintage Cherry Bomb patina style logo by Brian Papa Studios. Stacey David of Gearz added a ladder bar style rear suspension, and added Radir and Coker tires to give it a nice vintage look.

The Cherry Bomb D-100


Vehicle: 1964 Dodge D-100

Project Name: Cherry Bomb D-100

Owner: Jon Clark

Project Built by: Delaney Auto Design, Cherry Bomb, Jon Clark of Aftersales LLC

Project Builder Phone Number: (318) 222-1716

Project Builder Website: www.dadsmopars.com www.cherrybomb.com

Powertrain Type and Modifications:

528 HEMI 650hp

Cross Ram with dual Holley Carbs

Tremec T-56 Viper 6-Speed Transmission

Chassis Type and Modifications:

Chassis Engineering rear 4-link installed by
Stacey David of GearzTV

Exterior Modifications:
 Custom Cherry Bomb Zoomies with 4” glasspacks
 Radir Wheels - Rear
 Coker wide whites – Front
 Custom paint with Patina logos by
   Brian Papa of Atlanta

Interior Modifications:
 Bench seat with rips
 Lokar shifter